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Rural Schools Praised by U.S. Education Chief Duncan

U.S. Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan was a panelist at the 2014 Rural Education National Forum held in Columbus, Ohio. While praising the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative for its work in improving graduation rates and streamlining funding to prioritize teachers and classrooms, Duncan also drew attention to common issues facing rural school districts nationwide such as high faculty turnover rates, lack of adequate funding and limited access to technology. These issues are explored at length in Raising Bertie, an upcoming documentary following three at-risk youth in rural North Carolina over the course of five years.

The Rural Education National Forum began last year through a partnership with Battelle for Kids and the Ohio and Kentucky education departments. You can watch the speech in its entirety here.

The Columbus Dispatch | Rural Schools Praised in Columbus Stop by U.S. Education Chief Duncan


Raising Bertie Director Named One of Newcity’s Chicago Screen Gems

Newcity Film recently named Raising Bertie director Margaret Byrne as one of their “Film 50 2014: Chicago Screen Gems”. Unlike last year’s inaugural list, this year’s list is all about “focusing just on artists.” Those included were selected for being “…part of the larger weave of how films get made…exemplars of the multi-hypehenate talents who seem to be around every corner, protean prodigies who aren’t juggling multiple careers, but living them as full, admirable, even enviable creative lives.”

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