Avery Denison moves N.C. plants to Mexico, Honduras

California-based, office supply manufacturer Avery Dennison will transition work from its North Carolina plants in Lenoir and Greensboro to plants in Mexico and Honduras, resulting in the loss of employment for over 200 workers — 143 from its Lenoir plant and 82 from the plant in Greensboro. Presently, the jobless rate of North Carolina is 5.4 percent. Lenoir is in Caldwell County where unemployment is at 6.4 percent.

According to Senior Director of Communications Joy Seusing, Avery Dennison will offer transition plans to all affected employees. The plans will include financial support, continuation of medical benefits, resume building, and job assistance. The closing of the North Carolina plants continues a trend in the reduction of access to manufacturing jobs for rural communities.

Charlotte Observer | Manufacturer to cut over 200 North Carolina Jobs

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