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Want to get involved to help communities like Bertie and the young people who live in them? Well, we would love to support and connect with anyone passionate about addressing the issues that matter to our rural youth and young people of color.  Here are some ways you can help.

Host a screening in your community

You can screen with us directly, or working with POV Community Screenings. These screenings are a great way to gather stakeholders and talk about the important issues in the film. We support all our screenings with engagement guides, toolkits and logistical support!

Request a Community Screening

Host a POV Community Screenings

Screening tools

Access POV’s lesson plan for Raising Bertie

Access POV’s discussion guide for Raising Bertie

Access POV’s reading list for Raising Bertie

Donate to The Hive House Community Center

If you want to directly support The Hive House, featured in the film, you can do so through their fiscal sponsor and our partner, The N.C. Community Development Initiative.  Just select “The House House Community Center” on the donation page.

Hive House Donation Page

Support the Film’s Outreach

We are currently raising funds for our Engagement Campaign and are dedicated to achieving the following impact goals:

  • Increasing visibility of rural youth
  • Shrinking the urban/rural divide
  • Increasing education and job opportunities for youth in rural communities, particularly for African American males
  • Expanding current narratives of African American youth

Please consider supporting these efforts through a tax deductible donation. Donations go directly to helping bringing the film into communities, redesigning our website to host resources, editing educational modules, paying our subject’s travel and honorariums to attend screenings and working with partner organizations to promote and highlight the issues facing our rural youth. Donate now.

Connect with our partners

We’ve been working with a great group of organizations to support communities like Bertie County and rural youth across the country.  These include:

NC Rural Development Center

Self-Help Credit Union

Battelle for Kids

Opportunity Nation

NC Community Development Initiative

The Urban Institute

Blueshift Education

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